Helpful Forms


On this web page you will find various forms that should be useful in helping you send us additional information, or to correct information found on this site and in our computer database. Whichever form you decide to use, please fill out the information as accurately as possible. Naturally, information can also be sent through regular email, along with any interesting pictures and/or documents (sent as attachments). Any and all such attachments will be greatly appreciated. If possible, please add the date when the picture was taken. Pictures can be scanned and emailed to us in almost any popular graphic format, or sent by "snail mail".



Family Group Forms (3 types)

These forms are for the purpose of sending us additional information. The family group starts with the parents and includes all the children. An additional (separate) form should be filled out for every married child found on the original family group. Please include Hebrew names and dates when known (in addition to the English). Please don't limit the information only to what is in the form. Feel free to add nicknames, aliases, occupations,...etc.

Correction Forms

The purpose of this form is to help us find and correct mistakes found in our database.

If you find such mistakes, please fill out this form - Corrections.doc - and please be specific in explaining what you would like corrected. If possible please include your sources. On some computer setups this form will open in the browser and ask to "open" or "save". I suggest you save the document to your hard drive, then find it, fill it out and send to us as an attachment. On other computers, the .doc file will automatically open Microsoft Word (or another program that is set to work with .doc files), saving you time.

I will try and put together an online correction form sometime soon.

Hopefully more forms will be added at a later date.

Thank you